About Drone Pilots Work

Hi, I’m John Chapman!

John Chapman

I kind of experiment, but at the nugget of it is digging into human interaction. I recently started a podcast, but primarily work building my media company. Whatever direction that takes me.

I have a background¬†(years and years ago) in construction, then after getting a degree in electronics, I moved into tech work. I’ve worked in I.T. for a couple of decades.

I think Drone Pilot demand, and the drone industry is one which will only grow. It is going to be very interesting indeed to track and adapt to changing legislation, changing demand, changing concepts, changing public mindset of the Drone Industry. The abilities of what can be achieved is phenomenal.

I do run my own marketing company building websites, helping solve issues with perhaps your current website, and offering general support in a plethora of areas. Visit my company website at: DR7Media.com.